Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Baking (Gingerbread House, Yule Log, Cookies)

With Michael back from college, we had all the kids together for some Christmas Eve baking of a gingerbread house, a Yule log and some Christmas sugar cookies.

The gingerbread house was covered in chocolate bricks, cocoa and cinnamon cereal. The doors were red fondant and there was a fondant wreath and bow over the door. Around the house were topiary bushes with inverted Rolo candies as the planters and homemade chocolate frosting for the plants.

The trees were upside-down sugar cones covered in green frosting and the reindeer were made with almonds and pretzels. They were the only items that were non-edible since they needed a few dabs of hot glue to stick together. The rest of the decorations (snowman, presents and polar bear) were made with Rice Krispy cereal treats covered in fondant.

Kudos to anyone that noticed the poinsettia on one of the bushes, or what the polar was holding in his paw...


  1. I wasn't sure how best to get in touch with you. I happened to come across your doctor theme Halloween costumes while searching for ideas for an upcoming holiday when our family usually dresses up in a particular theme. In the past we've done Hey Diddle Diddle, Goldilocks, 3 little pigs, Rockstars. Kudos to your family on your incredible creativity. We were thinking of doctors this time around, but were having a hard time thinking of enough for all 6 of us (my kids are 2, 5, 7, and 10). I don't know if you would be willing to lend out your Doc Oc and Dr. Pepper costumes. It would help us tremendously. You can be in touch with me at
    Thank you so much

  2. I'm sorry but both those costumes were donated a few years ago. The best we could do is provide some further details on how they were made. The Dr. Pepper can was simply some satin material painted with the logo and then with added iron ons for the barcode and nutritional info. Then it was sewn in a cylinder and attached to a couple of embroidery hoops. Doc Oc was a green jumpsuit with boots and gloves spray painted orange. The arms were done with wire inside bendable plastic pipe all attached to a backpack frame and painted accordingly.