Friday, February 10, 2006

Our Trip to Egypt - Amazing Race style!

Play Egypt (Amazing Race) VideoWell, I had planned to finish editing all our Egypt video (all 5 hours) into a nice movie to show off. It's not done, but here is the introduction done in the style of the Amazing Race. The movie is 45 seconds long.
Amazing Race Intro - Egypt


  1. Blaine,
    Wow. Your egypt intro is amazing. Each summer, my wife, my kids, and I speak at kids camps, special needs camps, and camps for abused children. Our theme this year is The Amazing Race. You have created exactly what I want to do with our family members. Is it possible to buy the file from you so that I can remove the photos of you and your wife, replacing them with my family?

  2. I've seen your video of egypt and all i can say is WOW, so please please tell me how did you do it,and how did you put in the small clips from some film and what about the start & the ending,,,,I must say you're so so good,Would appreciate if you'll answwer me
    Thanks Pepper