Friday, November 25, 2011

Photos from Thanksgiving 2011

Click the image to the left to see a smattering of photos we took on Thanksgiving Day. Dinner was at Mum and Dad's house and everyone brought something to enjoy; there was lots of scrumptious food! After dinner we had fun playing games (Blokus, Cribbage and Mille Bornes) and later on Hisae taught us how to fold our paper napkins into origami creations.

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Halloween Costume Theme: Early Explorers of the New World

For our 13th year of dressing in a family theme for Halloween, we chose to dress as Early Explorers of the New World. We entered two local Halloween costume contests and we won first place and second place respectively in the groups and family categories.

We had Amara as an "Indian", Jason as a Viking, Blaine as Christopher Columbus and Felicia as an English colonist. Michael and Rosemary opted to "do their own thing" this year, so Michael dressed as "The Creep" from the Lonely Island music video of the same name, while Rosemary dressed as Princess Zelda from the Ocarina of Time. Click the photo above to see a slideshow and other details on our costumes.