Friday, December 26, 2008

Can you solve our Colorful Christmas Crossword (2008)?

This year's Christmas puzzle is a fun, themed crossword. And there is a secret surprise video if you are able to solve it. Take a look at our Christmas Puzzle for 2008.

Note: The answer key is posted now, but try to solve it without looking at it.


  1. Blaine & Felicia,
    I solved the puzzle! Really glad to see you're all doing so well. I enjoyed your pictures and videos! Iceland looks a lot like Alaska. How did you decide to visit there? I hope you get a chance to review our websites (see Xmas card). A trip to China was our highlight this fall.

    Take care,
    Amy Lujan

  2. Obviously, I solved the puzzle but some of the clues I did not get and I was wondering when you would be posting the answers--specifically 1A/18A/20D and 30D.

  3. Let me get some answers posted shortly...

  4. Will there be a 2009 Christmas puzzle?
    Are you the NPR Blaine puzzler?

  5. After more thought I realize that both my questions on Wednesday have "yes" for the answer.