Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Puzzle for 2011 is available now

Our annual Christmas puzzle is available now. It is called "Write the Right Word" since it involves homophones. As in prior years, the reward for solving is a video Christmas card, but you'll need to figure out the password by solving the puzzle.

Note: If you need some help, the full answer is posted here, but try solving it without help first... it's more fun that way.

Feel free to add a comment below to let us know that you successfully figured it out (without giving away the answer to others). We are always looking for new ideas for next year's Christmas puzzle, so submit those too.


  1. It took me a little over half of an hour to finish the puzzle, which seemed fairly quick to me so I thought I would post a comment. The homonym part threw me for a little bit. I never did figure out a couple of them, but was able to fill in the blanks of the question.

    It was a nice little video. It looks like you had a good year.

  2. @Shad, thanks for the comments. You can always check the answer sheet now, if you want to know which homophones you missed. From feedback from family and friends the harder ones seem to be F, G, K and Q. I'd be interested to know which you thought were tougher.

  3. Great puzzle - it was a lot of fun. Thanks!