Friday, July 19, 2013

Amara's 10th Birthday Party - Olympics Theme

For Amara's 10th Birthday, she chose an Olympics-themed birthday party with various sporting events and party games.  The party began with guests entering the "Olympic Village" and decorating their water bottles with markers and stickers.

The first events were Synchronized Ping Pong (like "Simon Says") and Basketball-bomb (like "Hot Potato").  That was followed by a Parade of Nations Quiz where the teams tried to match pictures of flags to their respective countries.

The rotating events included Candy Matching (like "Memory"), Javelin Throwing and Sailboat Racing.  After each guest had a chance to compete in each event, we had the Gold Medal Piñata ceremony.

Back inside, as we were grilling hamburgers, we kept the kids busy with our version of Scattergories followed by several rounds of Olympic Events Bingo.  Finally, Felicia brought out the homemade Gymnastics cake, with a fondant-wrapped cookie dough mat.


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